Montecristi in NorthWest of Dominican Republic

The Morro - Montecristi

The Morro – Montecristi

Montecristi is located in the northwest region of the Island.


Climate of Montecristi is semiarid with an average temperature of 26.5 ° C and an average annual rainfall of 700 mm. The average evaporation is 1800 mm. That determines the great water shortage in the area. Mainly influenced by the trade winds blowing from the northeast. Rainfall is higher in the eastern part of the park where the winds collide with the Northern Range and discharge their waters . The same applies to the area of Manzanillo. The same winds collide with the Central Cordillera and its extension Massif du Nord in Haiti. The effect is felt mainly in the foothills near Loma de Cabrera and Dajabón, but also, to a lesser extent in Manzanillo.

Culture: Carnival

Montecristi has a beautiful tradition of popular, very unique and extraordinarily symbolic carnival, expressed privileged in Los Toros central character , which dramatizes his confrontations with Civilians . These consist of a real duel with whips ( whips ) , which seeks to overthrow the opponent or frighten.

The Bulls have the face covered with a mask of pig (pork ) and use bright colored costumes , clad material inside to protect them from whipping their opponents. Civilians must instead wear shorts and regular clothes .

The winner of the game is who bears the most successful attacks of the opponent or who gets down your opponent .

Many other colorful traditions can be observed in the celebration of Carnival in Montecristi , as funny Roba la Gallina , popular with adults and children.

Note that one of the main cultural heritage is the first pyramid territorial division between Dominican Republic and Haiti.


Percentage of urban population : 47.7 %.


  • Province geocode ISO : 3166-2 : DO- 15.
  • Mountains: In the northern part of the province is the western part of the Cordillera Septentrional (or Sierra de Monte Cristi ) .
  • Hydrology : The main river of the province is the Yaque del Norte and its main tributaries, in this province, and Maguaca Guayubín . Other rivers are the Chacuey , Aminilla , Cana


The main activity of the province is agriculture, with significant production of bananas, rice and plantains also is important to the production of goats, sheep and cattle. On the coast, fishing and salt production is important.


Tourism development is now concentrated in the city of Montecristi although there are potential all along the coast , both Western ( Salcedo ) as north.  Notable points are the Morro and the Keys Seven Brothers.

Source:  QuisqueyaVirtual

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